Divided by Religion, United by Coronavirus

Happy picture in a sad article

What do I think, first?

I have a firm belief in the goodness of humanity at a raw level. Let’s be real — of course we have some hatred for somebody or the other at one point in our lives. That burst of hatred is usually limited for that person, or it is just a transient feeling. Hatred against a collective is something I simply cannot believe exists internally.

Damn, strong last statement there. Too idealistic, man. So, what divides us then, Aamir?

Social media today has given the power to a vindictive few to hold the world ransom. Unfortunately, lot of fake news circulates without proper fact-checking, leading to a share-tweet-cycle of unfathomable divisive hate. The issue with most of the ‘shared’ pieces is the staunch two-view theory on literally anything. It’s either us or them. Either this or that. Right or wrong. Black or while. No gray in between. A third opinion is usually lost to the recesses of the Internet like this post I’m writing probably will too. Never mind the grey matter I’m using to craft this as I go along.

Hmm… so what can the non-vindictive people do?

The answer is simple. Small mobs furthering wrong causes can only be tackled by larger mobs furthering inclusiveness. A very small example of something I did in these lines recently was to digest a piece of hate-spreading news and share it with my perspective. It, of course, was positive, I was trying to actually understand why someone would share it with negativity. Here is the original post.

A screenshot of the post I re-shared on Facebook, it also had a few likes!

How then are people, united by Coronavirus, Aamir?

The answer is stupidity. The connecting dot for many still remains religion. Like this Islamic cleric who believes the virus is the wrath of Allah raining down on non-believers. If I have to stoop down to argue with that logic, I would tell him many Muslims have also fallen prey to this. Logic 1–0 Cleric.

Concluding thoughts…

Unfortunately, I will be a copycat and put down what are great ironic thoughts in conclusion by someone. I think he wrote it to perfectly summarize my article or maybe I wrote this article since I saw a conclusion readymade for me.



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