Washing the Dishes

  1. Don’t stack dirty dishes on top of each other, it just increases the amount of work because instead of one messy side, you have two.
  2. Remove the food waste from the kitchen sink if it starts to float over the dishes that are waiting to be cleaned, again this increases the amount of work just like before.
  3. If the kitchen sink outlet is clogged, a burst of water helps unclog it and you’re good to continue cleaning uninterrupted.

I mentioned that I like to find a sense of rhythm even in mundane tasks.

What I like more is to try and find meaning in everyday tasks. Is there something more the universe is conveying while I am washing these dishes?

  1. If you’re bogged down by something, don’t keep adding to your woes by reducing your self-worth. Understand it is a phase and do not stack your faults.
  2. Choose to remove a previous bias and approach a situation in the present moment. Bringing back faults from the past in any argument is immature, so remember not to dig graves from the past.
  3. A bit of chaos can lead to something beautiful. It is a good idea to shake things up every once in a while and carry on with a renewed sense of purpose.



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